Meet Sarah

Sarah grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and went to school in Virginia and Texas before she made Chicago her home in 2013. When Sarah isn’t working, she spends much of her time with her fiancé, family and friends, and enjoys exercising, horse back riding, cooking and wedding planning.

Sarah’s active lifestyle and interest in health began at a young age. Though she explored many activities, her passion was found in riding horses at the age of eight. Riding has been a fundamental part of Sarah’s life and she spent some time riding competitively in local horse shows, taught beginner and intermediate riding lessons, and owned her horse, Madeline.

Sarah also enjoys health and fitness and she incorporates regular exercise into her routine. She believes that finding activities that are enjoyable to each individual can be the most effective in maintaining and reaching goals. Sarah finds self-care to be a valuable resource to relieve stress and establish balance and wellbeing. She encourages her clients to seek out personal interests and make time for the things they enjoy most.